The thoughts of Gusty

I write. I write because it gives me that little tingle in my temples... It allows me to rest my mind and move away from dark places... It has the same effect, more or less, of a scream... Screaming is, rather, a noisy irrational and more powerful way of writing... Sometimes writing will make me embrace sollitude more extensively... It allows me to bask in a state of quiet desolation in a more calm and copious manner... I write...

Friday, October 09, 2009

"Don't ever lose your patience. You will lose the battle, you will lose yourself, and you may just lose the love of the people."
"Don't respect ranks, titles or entities. Respect Standards, Virtues and Attitudes! Power corrupts everyone, and the one that "wins" is usually mistaken. Still, the one that "loses" is even more stupid, is he not?"
"Does he win? Depends on who tells the story and how. If battles are dying-grounds and life is a battle... what a depressing prospect..."
"How are we to live like this?" "Well, the point is to find answers to life, and then keep them from all who would be curious to know" "The point is NOT discussing it any further"


Somewhere along the line:

Birth demands Procreation.
Procreation demands Comitment.
Comitment demands Integrity.
Integrity demands Education.
Education demands Morals.
Morals demand Ethics.
Ethics demand Teachers.
Teachers demand Students.
Students demand Knowledge.
Knowledge demands Motivation.
Motivation demands Reward.
Reward demands Results.
Results demand Objectives.
Objectives demand Choice.
Choice demands Scarcity.
Scarcity demands Competition.
Competition demands Conflict.
Conflict demands Progress.
Progress demands Ideas.
Ideas demand Leaders.
Leaders demand Followers.
Followers demand Groups.
Groups demand Society.
Society demands Order.
Order demands Uniformity.
Uniformity demands Conformity.
Conformity demands Stagnation.
Stagnation demands Recession.
Recession demands Decrepitude.
Decrepitude demands Squalor.
Squalor demands Misery.
Misery demands Death.
Death demands Justification.
Justification demands Thought.
Thought demands Time.
Time demands Passage.
Passage demands Space.
Space demands Vacuum.
Vaccum demands AN END.

Somewhere along the line.