The thoughts of Gusty

I write. I write because it gives me that little tingle in my temples... It allows me to rest my mind and move away from dark places... It has the same effect, more or less, of a scream... Screaming is, rather, a noisy irrational and more powerful way of writing... Sometimes writing will make me embrace sollitude more extensively... It allows me to bask in a state of quiet desolation in a more calm and copious manner... I write...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gem-encrusted tears,
From the fiery lakes of my eyes.
Their calm waters burn uncontrolably,
With the fire deep inside.

Dead smiles are cast,
One by one, into the fire.
The blacksmith´s furnace fire,
To make gem-encrusted tears.

The fire that forges the gems,
To encrust the precious tears.
The smiles who merge the tears,
To encrust with gems.

The tears that give me joy,
And wealth for all their worth.
The gems that eat at me,
Like a drug, with tears.

A drug, a vice, a virtue,
A habit, a painful lust,
A blissful control.
It's normal, just leave it.

Here, have a tear,
Go ahead and drop it.
It will clatter and dance.
I's beautiful.

See how it shines,
Liquid and fiery.
Sorry about the gems,
Fucking thing's won't fall off
They're encrusted