The thoughts of Gusty

I write. I write because it gives me that little tingle in my temples... It allows me to rest my mind and move away from dark places... It has the same effect, more or less, of a scream... Screaming is, rather, a noisy irrational and more powerful way of writing... Sometimes writing will make me embrace sollitude more extensively... It allows me to bask in a state of quiet desolation in a more calm and copious manner... I write...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The dream is gone forever....

Like paper through a shreder.

Our love, left in tattered shreds to die.

"Lets bury it!" you said....why?

Ignore it's last breathing cry

All that happened, all we said.

All the tears we've ever shed.

All the voices in my head....

Drink my eyes empty.

Nibble my mind sharp.

Show me my own heart...

Tear me fully. Guilty

Suck my soul dry

and leave me here to die.

I love you.... i wish i could write you

I wish i woud meet another one like you

I want to fill the void

you create when you pass through

I want to see all the stars

you have ever looked to

I want to suffocate on your flesh
(make my face turn blue)

I may not wake tomorrow, true.
I'll lay dying next to you.

If you feel like, before

you go running out the door,
kiss me senseless, I implore.

Will I see you again? No, lol

I don't want you anymore!