The thoughts of Gusty

I write. I write because it gives me that little tingle in my temples... It allows me to rest my mind and move away from dark places... It has the same effect, more or less, of a scream... Screaming is, rather, a noisy irrational and more powerful way of writing... Sometimes writing will make me embrace sollitude more extensively... It allows me to bask in a state of quiet desolation in a more calm and copious manner... I write...

Monday, September 14, 2009

The sky is bright, the birds fly high
and neither friend or foe lurk about.
It's rather relaxing, albeit something's lacking.
But I'd willingly part with my doubt.

They chant and they fly on a whim,
vision dim,
But t'is such things that keep me alive.
I wish I was there, in true blue's sweet lair,
But the sky's bright and we may all fly.

As we dance and we sigh,
As we all live the lie,
Only hope and a smile remain.
So go forth and apply
All in which you rely
And stop telling yourself it's in vain.

Now the sun is setting, all birds are now resting.
I really should just go to sleep,
Because stories are failing, pictures leave wanting...
Only memories are mine to keep.